5 ways to find the magic in the small things in life | La Michaux #2

5 ways to find the magic in the small things in life | La Michaux #2

5 Ways to find magic in the small things in life | La Michaux #2

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

- Robert Brault

The gift of family … of good friends … of time. Those are the “little things” that in the end mean the most.
Yet, during the hustle and the bustle, the daily rat race, we tend to lose sight of what really matters.
The perfectionist in us all plans out the future and creates their own anxiety when worrying about the past.
But when it comes down to it, it’s the spontaneous moments and quiet time spent with family and friends that counts.

Learning to appreciate the smaller things in life and celebrating the people you love in the PRESENT moment is a wonderful gift to carry with you all year long.


Here are five ways you can start your day or week right:


The typical morning routine begins with the alarm sounding, shower running and workday starting. We get so caught up in our daily routine, we tend to neglect ourselves and take for granted the person right next to us in bed.

Every morning, try to be mindful of your loved one’s presence and appreciate the moment you have together before you have to start your busy day. Set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier, even, so you can cuddle for a few minutes. Discuss your upcoming day, tell them you love them, or just snuggle quietly. Whatever you do, make the morning more meaningful. This will get both of you off on the right start.

For the single persons among us, set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier, take your me-time. Meditate, relax, get mindful, enjoy your cup of coffee while seeing the sunrise.



Communicating is key to any good relationship. Sometimes, however, we go through our days and only communicate with others when we need something.
Start communicating when you want to, when there is really no reason other than to say hello. Even if it’s a quick text message or a funny emoji, it’s a great way to remind someone that you are thinking about them. And remember to respond when someone calls or texts you because they want to – it will make both of you feel good.




When you communicate with others, try to think of something that will make their day more special or lift their spirits. The littlest things like, “I just had to think off you” or “You looked beautiful this morning” are all that is needed.  Saying something nice, noticing someone’s good deeds, or complimenting a person’s appearance will give them a better attitude and increase your mood, as well. You’ll be surprised by the REAL effect of your small act of kindness to a person’s day or even week.


Unplanned moments can be some of the most memorable. Whether it’s by yourself, with someone special or with the entire family, doing something spontaneous can be uplifting and fun.
Especially when you’re having an “ OFF” day, treat yourself. Wear your favorite La Michaux bikini, go and eat that icecream, go and watch that movie.
Making decisions at the spur of the moment can turn out very special.


(Lada wearing the PANDAWA bikini)


Take time to notice things. Slow down, breathe, and appreciate the one life you have.
You’ve to be a guard for your own mind. When you start to worry, you’re not living in the present moment and you’re problably getting anxious about possible future situations or having regrets about the past. Start living NOW.
You can’t slow or stop time, but when you start appreciating the little moments in life right now, every day will seem more magical!


Much love & light,

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Dance & smile while you can:


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  • Silke

    Very inspiring! Its very important to take a me-time moment in a day for relax or doing what you like to do, no matter how busy you are. We have to do more of what we love and take more time and care of ourselves❤️

  • Lise

    wauw, inspiring !!!

  • Jessie

    love it! I’m becoming more a morning person than evening person. Just to get most out of every day

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