We do things a little bit differently here at La Michaux. As you've read in our previous community post, is our La Michaux team crazy about gemstones and crystals.
Each stone has his own energy, charisma, texture and can amplify and increase the bearer's own energy.

We love our community of customers and the love and passion they share for our swimwear, so we've decided to give a little back.

Each order placed over 95€ will have a FREE surprise gemstone waiting inside your package.


Curious which gemstone is the one for you?
Our designer and CEO, Sarah Michaux, has worked for many years with gemstones. She has an holistic approach on life and on inspiring people today and every day. She offered intuïtive readings in the past & you'll receive a gemstone that is intuitive picked out by her, especially for YOU!
Personalized note with meaning all inclusive, yes baby!!!

“I hope you take the time to honor yourself, your loved ones, and to follow your heart into the direction of your dreams. I hope you learn not to take life too seriously — that the purpose of your existence is to create and add meaning and value to your life and the lives of others. You are eternal.” - Sarah Michaux

Thank you all so much for your purchases

Check out the following blog post to read all about the healing power of gemstones.

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T&C's: Limited offer, Limited stock - only valid on orders over 95€

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