Kata Rocks x La Michaux Fashion Show

Kata Rocks x La Michaux Fashion Show
Exclusive La Michaux fashion show at the luxurious 5* Kata Rocks resort in Phuket, Thailand.
Showcasing our latest collection in a stunning setting overlooking the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea
" We're thrilled to spotlight a fashion show by the esteemed boutique designer La Michaux. Experience elegance with catwalk across our infinity pool - a spectacle not to be missed. "
" Kata Rocks is at the forefront of unique entertainment in Phuket. This season, we're excited to feature La Michaux, one of our favorite international designers, showcasing her latest swimwear collection. It's an event that highlights the innovative collaborations possible when creative minds unite. With models striding across the infinity pool against the stunning backdrop of the Andaman Sea, guests also had the opportunity to purchase her collection directly from our KR boutique.
Kata Rocks has formed a partnership with designer Sarah Michaux, uniting two brands synonymous with luxury, comfort and style.
The inspiration behind Sarah's work mirrors the ethos of Kata Rocks: the appreciation for simple, clean lines and architecture. Each of Sarah's designs is crafted to today's off-the-shelf products. This approach ensures each item is not only durable but also unique to its owner.

Similarly, we view Sarah Michaux's designs as an extension of what makes our villas special. Our guests and owners seek that immediate sense of belonging- from the moment they enter our lobby to the time they relax in our restaurant- each space is designed to feel like home.

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