L'ETERNITE: From darkness into light.
Introducing our latest collection, where darkness seamlessly evolves into light, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and expression ft. One Championship fighter Anna " SUPERGIRL " Jaroonsak.

Inspired by the ethereal beauty found in the interplay of shadows and illumination, each design evokes a sense of mystery, curiosity, and rebirth. From sleek silhouettes adorned with intricate sheer fabrics that subtly expose glimmers of skin.
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GRL PWR Collection - Find out your power
For the girls who live fearlessly and embrace their authenticity. Get inspired by our underwater campaign, where fashion meets sport & beauty.

We’re happy to announce La Michaux’s latest collection “ GIRL POWER “ , which is a collaboration between Belgian best female football player Tessa Wullaert.
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Introducing "Freedom," our fashion collection inspired by the true luxuries of our time: time and experience.
In a world constantly racing against the clock, we invite you to pause and indulge in the beauty of the present moment.


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