La Michaux came to fruition during Sarah Michaux's numerous journeys around the world, culminating in the launch of the headquarters in May 2017 in Antwerp, Belgium.

We specialize in unique and luxurious women's swimwear designed to accentuate the beauty of the female body. Each design aims at adding a comfortable touch, while only using the highest quality fabrics and components.  There is always truly more than meets the eye. 

Passionately we continue creating a minimalistic, effortless and sustainable travel lifestyle with our beachwear line. Supreme in quality, and produced in limited quantities, La Michaux heralds a conscious and liberated model for the future of luxury.

It is this dedication to detail that will allow you to be ready in La Michaux for the beach, pool and everyday life.

Our designs have been worn by the likes of models, UFC fighters and Celebrities across the world.


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