5 Minutes with Cassie Amato | La Michaux #4

Interview Cassie Amato  - La Michaux swimwear

5 Minutes with Cassie Amato| La Michaux #4

Cassie Amato, our one & only Femme Fatale of La Michaux.

We’ve met Cassie last year in Los Angeles for our campaign shoot and it was such a pleasure working together.
She’s not only a pretty face but also a very beautiful and humble soul.

It’s obvious we needed her to invite to: “ 5 Minutes with La Michaux”.

(wearing FIERCE bikini - La Michaux)

 Hi Cassie,

I’m happy that we’re catching up, I can’t believe it’s already a year ago.
How are you doing?

I am humbled by the intro! thankyou! 
I cannot believe how fast a year has gone by! I am doing really well considering..feeling even more grateful for all things in my life currently. Really indulging in my introvert/ sleepy nature at the moment lol.

Haha, I feel you 100%!
What’s your daily routine now during COVID-19? Can you talk us through it from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep?

Well, some days are better than others you know? Some days I wake up with so much energy and get so much accomplished throughout and other days I wake up feeling drained and want to spend all day in bed - Both days I feel are valid and necessary during this strange time. I try not to be hard on myself when its already a stressful time and I just listen to what my body wants.
My super productive day consists of:

- Getting up around 9 lol washing my face brushing teeth, haha doing my skincare routine then I take my probiotic & I start making my green juice which is celery cucumber lemon I take my b12 liquid with my juice for an extra boost - then I make my matcha & drink it while I do my yoga flow/ workout.
-After my workout, I do a stretching series for a bit then shower.. After this, we start making our breakfast/ brunch
-Mornings that I don't have my produce to make my juice I’ll make my spirulina smoothie which is packed with amazing goodness life force lol. (coconut water frozen mango & blueberries spirulina powder, MCT oil, green vibrance, & superfoods, cucumber romaine and spinach) 
-Then I will do a grocery run every other day or 2 days, I’ll read, do some studying or research with different passions of mine, plan at home shoots/ produce content for Instagram or clients at this time. I spend a lot of time talking to my family checking in on everyone every day and friends. As it gets later we watch movies or shows make dinner clean clean clean do my skincare routine then bedtime.

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(wearing FIERCE BLACK bikini- La Michaux)

Yesss love it, very similar to me: Healthy food, work out, work, sleep & repeat.  Any new things you’re trying out? Any tips & tricks for our La Michaux community?

My best friend and I committed to stretch each day so we could come out of this quarantine having all or 1 of the 3 splits down lol.

It's extremely ambitious haha but we are focused on our goal and hold each other accountable each day. It's been exciting watching the progress in just over a month. We have both always wanted to be flexible enough to do them but never carved out the time, Now there is no excuse!!

I recommend a stretching and yoga practice daily so so so much. It changed our lives. - Cassie

Also, the flexibility makes our yoga flow look and feel better every morning. We have found that the more limber we get, the lighter and better our bodies feel and move throughout the day. Our spines feel amazing, our lower backs, and we sleep better. I recommend a stretching and yoga practice daily so so so much. It changed our lives.

You’re a very spiritual person as well. What’s your way of dealing with challenging situations?

Thank you for noticing x I have so much faith... No matter what the situation, how painful, I try and find any type of light in all the darkness immediately and it completely changes everything about the healing process.

There is always light to be found. By staying in a state of gratitude, it's much easier to find all the light. When you are grateful for the bad as much as the good, THATS when miracles happen. It's a daily practice to see all the hardships and lessons as my greatest gifts and teachers, but the truth is that the hard times are what makes us better, stronger and more compassionate beings IF we let it.
If we let an experience make us softer not harder it absolutely will and life will be easier this way...
It's just a CHOICE to be positive, to be optimistic, it's also a choice to be a victim and self indulge in your bad situation.

My favorite advice I was ever given that changed my life was “get out of your story” we go through things that crush us and we get consumed by “our story” what “I” am experiencing is the worst thing ever..but as soon as we hear another’s hardship that is just as bad if not worse and usually in my case it was worse.. lol or if physically get out of our bubble and go help another less fortunate that is struggling much more than you, then our situation doesn't seem so extreme it looses all of its power that we gave it.

It's just a CHOICE to be positive, to be optimistic, it's also a choice to be a victim and self indulge in your bad situation - Cassie

Now, I don’t ever want to take away from someone's pain, I also believe all painful and challenging situations are equal and valid that you are supposed to feel and move through them completely and talk about all that pain but there will come a time when you need to see the light in it because there is so much like I mentioned.

Just know the universe god love whatever you identify with is doing everything FOR you not against you and your perception of life will change because your energy will change it. We are all going through things for the greater good of the world, to make ourselves better more aware enlightened beings for generations to come and mother earth. 

There is always light to be found. By staying in a state of gratitude, it's much easier to find all the light. When you are grateful for the bad as much as the good THATS when miracles happen - Cassie

Thank you for opening up about this, inspiring to hear. I had to think about this quote: “When you get what you want, that's God's direction. When you don't get what you want, that's God’s protection.”

I fell in love last year with Los Angeles. For how long have you been living there? What do you like so much about the city?

Ugh, it's very very easy to fall in love with. So happy you had a great experience! I've been so lucky to have grown up in California. I've lived in LA the past 7 years for work. I have always been a big dreamer. I love that anything is possible here I've watched so many friends achieve their greatest dream. So ya I think it's the perfect place for dreamers. I love the healthy eating and workout lifestyle it's very me & of course the nightlife!! haha

Anything is possible in Los Angeles, I've watched so many friends achieve their greatest dream. So ya I think it's the perfect place for dreamers. - Cassie

Oh my, wish I could take a plane direction LA right NOW! In which city could you live as well? What are the requirements for your dream place?

You know I’ve been modeling for 9 years now and I've lived in different parts of the world during this time. After a week or 2, I would get SO homesick that I would count the days till I got to come back.
Recently I moved to Australia for work which was initially scary because it's so far for this family Cali girl lol but wow did I completely fell in love with it.
Maybe because its weather is most similar to California? The energy felt very similar, felt homelike...
Either way, probably the only other place I could be for a good amount of time. The people, the food, the beaches, the weather, the work,… everything. The quality of life was very special. 
With all this said I need to be close to my family. They are my life, where they are is where home is for me. Which is why I always find myself back here. So I believe I'll always be in Cali. 

Australia stole my heart as well! The people, the weather, the vibes, … It’s indeed very special.
Let’s get into those summer vibes with you .. How does a perfect summer day look like for you?

Oooo probably beach, lots of tanning oil, 80 degrees+ with a margarita lol, my family there or best friends, good food, laughs and games.

Hahaha sounds good to me!!! Ok, I’ll bring the tequila and you the rest? :)
Last, but not least, ready for our Question Roulette?

Beach or Pool?  BEACH

Which design of La Michaux is your favorite? I'm gonna go Fierce red or Foxy leopard!

Spraytan or natural tan? Natural 100%

Favorite quote? Love is the power love is the glory forever and ever.

Night in or a night out?  Ooof sooo hard, depends on my mood😭 … BOTH!!

Vodka or Tequila? TEQUILA

Favorite podcast? Super soul conversations

Last message from you to our La Michaux community?

Thanks for having me! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay patient, stay grateful and open to seeing all the possibility and good in this challenging situation.

Thank you, I loved catching up and can’t wait to see and follow your upcoming projects.

Sarah Michaux

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