5 Minutes with Kimilla Grace | La Michaux #16

Interview Kimilla Grace - La Michaux swimwear

5 Minutes with Kimilla Grace | La Michaux #16

While traveling in Thailand, I’ve noticed that the people who practise Combat Sports professional, are doing Yoga and meditation on a daily basis.

I’ve had already some yoga experience but I was never really into meditation.
When you take a break or set your intentions right for meditation you will notice that your thoughts don't stop, they keep on going and attend more acitivities. The body remains restless and stays ready to continue or take another action.

That's why we started looking online for that one type of yoga that included all elements from psyhical to spiritual. 
And there it was, our discovery of Kundalini Yoga on Kimilla’s magical Youtube Channel (KimillaTV) and we were immediately hooked!

Kundalini Yoga is a perfect blend of physical postures, breathing, movement, stretching, meditation, mantra and relaxation. Bringing balance to the body, mind & soul.
For me it's one of the most effective ways to move beyond the mind into a meditative state. To let you change perspectives and help you set priorities in life.

"The body is the body. Once the spirit is activated anything is possible - Kimilla"

I’m sure there’s no better person than Kimilla to guide us within the world of Kundalini Yoga:


Hi Kimilla,

I’m so grateful to have you here and get to know you a bit better!

Thank you Sarah, I’m deeply complimented and happy we could do this.

The honour is all mine!
So please tell us a bit more about yourself, who is Kimilla?

I love temple dancing and surfing. I live by the ocean. I have a husky called Inca. I am a book worm. I devour sacred texts. I climb volcanoes. I live on a bedrock of Obsidian. I grew up surfing. I create yoga videos. I am an eternal free spirit. I am a kinesiologist and a liquid crystal practitioner. I am studying Applied Physiology and Aromatherapy. I love travelling around the world!

AND you’re living in Byron Bay, Australia… I’m absolutely in love with that place. I actually stayed there for over one month while traveling for one year in Australia.
Before that, I stayed around 6 months in Noosa, where I practiced daily Bikram Yoga at a lovely place called Aloha Active. It was one of my first introductions with yoga.

How did you get in contact with Yoga and spirituality in general?

Byron and Noosa are close to my heart. I love beaches. So many cool surf spots and national parks!
My destiny is very spiritual and I believe it is just part of my soul, I have an ancient connection to spiritual practice, since childhood, I have always practiced yoga, all styles, feels like home. 
My teenage years were very supported by yogic practices and lifestyle. It is like an anchor to the divine.

Who or what was your inspiration for becoming a Yoga teacher and starting the YouTube channel?
I was in Sri Lanka and a vision came to me that I must teach yoga. It all unfolded from that moment like a dream. My 20s were so magical. I always knew I needed to create videos and it just fell into place.

It’s your destiny for sure. What do you like so much about especially Kundalini Yoga?

I fell in love with the enchanting library of kriyas, this is the true treasure of Kundalini Yoga

(The word kriya means action. It’s an action that leads to a complete manifestation like a seed leads to a bloom, a thought into actuality, a desire to commitment.)

The energy of kundalini came into my life during my Hatha Yoga training in Sydney when I was 21. I wanted to find the magic! 
I remember the morning when I experienced my first Kundalini Yoga class... 
My life changed forever, I knew it was my destiny because my spirit exploded, heart and crown chakra beaming for days! 
I was so happy! This was the awakening of my kundalini energy and I felt so at home. I have never stopped teaching what I have discovered, I am honoured and grateful to share this divine adventure with my family of yogis.

And you can use Kundalini Energy in so many different aspects of your life.
Actually, in your 10-day transformation videos, you say the same thing as my boxing coach: If your body is getting tired, your arms are feeling heavy, don’t give up!  Your mind is stronger than your body!

What are your thoughts on this? How can you relate it to yourself?

It’s an initiation for me, a rebirth, a remembrance that I am eternal life. The body is the body. Once the spirit is activated anything is possible.

I’m now practicing daily your videos and the locations are just so stunning: From Hawaii to Bali…
What are your favorite travel destinations? Which ones inspire you the most?

Thank you. I am honoured to share my videos with you! 
Everywhere I have traveled on this Earth is a blessing. I love visiting emanation points. Places of power. I am dreaming up an adventure to the ancient holy places of the Christ- Magdalenes. 

I love to travel as well to destinations where you can get to know new people, discover new cultures and expand your spiritual knowledge.
Depending on the current COVID-19 situation, what are your upcoming plans?

I have some retreats planned in Morocco and New Zealand. 
Watch out for a whole new look on my YouTube channel KimillaTV and my website www.kimilla.com is expanding to share live classes! A new kundalini goddess online course! 
A new library of Kundalini Yoga videos. The Advanced teachings. 
1:1 Online sessions are also part of my new offering.. and so much more!

I’ve just finished the 10 Day Transformation and wow, I highly recommend it.
A last message from you to our La Michaux community about starting with Yoga and Meditations?

I welcome your community to enjoy all my videos! Start with the 10 Day Transformation. I created this course for people to awaken, fast. Immerse yourself in Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditation, it’s a divine adventure for your soul. It is now available for everyone to practice for Free on my YouTube channel KimillaTV. 

Love Kimilla x


Thank you Kimilla, you’re a true inspiration. I hope everybody gets in touch with your channel & falls in love with Kundalini Yoga, just like me.

Looking forward seeing your new videos and courses while wearing La Michaux :) .
Until we meet somewhere in the world!
Sarah Michaux

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