5 Minutes with Danielle Pontes | La Michaux #13

Interview Danielle Pontes  - La Michaux swimwear

5 Minutes with Danielle Pontes | La Michaux #13

We're kicking off the new year with a Brazilian beauty, lots of optimism and a touch of " perigo " vibes.

Danielle Pontes is an international model, who started traveling around the world at a very young age.

She's currently enjoying a holiday, but made some time for " 5 Minutes with La Michaux" to talk about living in Brazil, having faith, new year's resolutions and her ultimate beach getaway.

Hi Danielle,

Thank you for joining our 5 Minutes blog. Please tell us more, who’s Danielle?

I’m born and raised in Fortaleza - Ceará, is a city beach in Brazil where it’s summer the whole year, so I was always playing at the beach and used to have the ocean and sun all the time.
At the age 16, I moved to São Paulo to start my modeling career and then I started traveling around the world.

What do you like so much about living in Brazil?

I would say the people. Brazilians are the most warm and happiest people, no matter the situation they are going through.

That's so true, all Brazilians that I know are so kind and humble. In which city/country could you live as well? What are the requirements for your dream place?

I love London and could live there, but I’d miss the sun.

COVID has had a big impact on everyone’s life. What’s your ultimate way of dealing with challenging situations? How do you stay mentally healthy?

I’m super spiritual and the past year I became even more. I’m always either praying or meditating, my mom is a very religious woman with so much faith, so I think I took that from her.

"I’m super spiritual and the past year I became even more." - Danielle

Me too, the past year really opened my eyes and my faith has never been so strong as it is nowadays. Btw, any new year’s resolutions you’ve made?

I just really want a healthier year. Peace of mind, a better world for all of us.
And I wanna do better, not only for me , but for others.

That's beautifully said, may 2021 be a year where dreams come true and where we can enjoy the simple things in life in a carefree way.

Having a look at your IG, I’m sure you’re an inspiration for a lot of women. What advice would you give to women to feel good in their skin?

In my opinion, to feel beautiful or sexy is a state of mind, it’s all inside of us. We are all unique and individual woman’s , feeling good with ourselves is what make us special.

"To feel beautiful or sexy is a state of mind, it’s all inside of us." - Danielle

Let’s dream away a bit…  How does your favorite vacation look like?

At the beach with good food, friends and some good music.

How do you prepare yourself for a day at the beach? What are your beach essentials?

I don’t do much, I barely brush my hair when I’m at the beach. But here’s 3 essentials: Sunscreen, thermal water and coconut water are essentials.

What kind of activities or sports do you like to do on holiday?

I started playing beach tennis couple months ago and I’m now addicted to BT. lol


Last, but not least, ready for our Question Roulette?

Favorite holiday destination? Bahia

Beach or Pool? Beach

Which design of La Michaux is your favorite? Pandawa

Favorite quote? Living in the present.

Sneakers or heels? Sneakers

The first thing I do when I wake up is ..? Check my phone lol

I can’t live without..? Faith

Last message from you to our La Michaux community?

Don’t let the bad situations put you down, elevate your energy, enjoy the little moments , practice to be thankful for everything and just live in the present, because that’s all we have.

Thank you so much! Please keep us updated about all your adventures & looking forward to new beautiful La Michaux pics.

Sarah Michaux

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