5 Minutes with Emelie Sveed | La Michaux #6

Interview Emelie Sveed  - La Michaux swimwear

5 Minutes with Emelie Sveed | La Michaux #6

Blonde hair, tanned skin, Miami beaches, tropical vibes and lots of La Michaux bikinis,… what more do we need to say :)?

We can’t wait to get to know the person behind this pretty face better and that’s why we invited Emelie Sveed to: “ 5 Minutes with La Michaux”.



Hi Emelie,

Thank you for doing this! Tell us a bit more about yourself. Who’s Emelie Sveed?

Hi, thank you for having me! I was born and raised in Sweden, I love exploring so I started moving around when I was about 21 and have lived in 5 different countries so far. I’ve tried my hand in various careers but my heart kept bringing me back to fitness.

While I’m in the process of getting my personal trainer cert, I found myself making content and videos for myself. Soon I started receiving offers to create videos and advertisements for products as well. I worked on mastering my videography and created my own company making e-commerce videos.

I’ve tried my hand in various careers but my heart kept bringing me back to fitness - Emelie



That’s a great choice, you can tell you're a good content creator.
You decided to move to Miami a couple of years ago? How was that like? Why did you choose Miami?

Yea so it’s kind of crazy but I was living on St Barts in the Caribbean before I moved to Miami. And we got hit by a cat 5 hurricane that left us somewhat homeless over there so we had to relocate, I still wanted the tropical vibes so Florida just sounded like a good idea haha!

So sorry to hear that, happy  that everything turned out well.
How’s the situation there nowadays? What was your daily routine during lockdown?

It’s definitely better now that the beaches are open again lol. But most things are slowly opening back up, they’re just not allowing as many people into places and you have to wear face masks everywhere.

I’ve been working from home for the last year already, so the biggest change to my routine was that I couldn’t go to the gym anymore.

I started my days with a cup of coffee while I read about 10 pages. I then make breakfast, avocado toast with tofu scramble. And after breakfast, I get ready, then start shooting the videos that’s on the schedule for the day. After I’m done shooting I go for a walk to get out of the house and move around a bit, and when I come back in, I sit down and edit all the videos together so I can deliver them to my clients that evening. I almost feel like I’ve been more productive now during lockdown since there hasn’t really been anything else to do than work..

I almost feel like I’ve been more productive now during lockdown since there hasn’t really been anything else to do than work - Emelie



I've felt the same way, when you don’t have too many distractions and turn your energy into work, it’s a big positive change for your productivity.

We can see lots of workout videos on your IG. What’s your favorite workout? What kind of tips & tricks can you give us to maintain in shape?

Oh my, thank you for those kind words. My favorite ways to workout is either lifting weights or pole dancing. It’s really easy to keep the habit up when you truly enjoy and look forward to your next workout! 

Just find something you enjoy doing that’s active, it doesn’t have to be the gym if you don’t like that. It could be swimming, dance classes, indoor rock climbing, just something where you’re moving your body a couple of times a week.

It’s really easy to keep the habit up when you truly enjoy and look forward to your next workout! Just find something you enjoy doing that’s active - Emelie

Exactly, my favorite workout is boxing and I can do it twice a day for example. Do you follow a specific kind of diet? What’s your experience with diets/ eating healthy/ working out etc?

I don’t follow a specific diet, personally, I don’t believe in them because it’s just not sustainable to cut out carbs for example. A better approach, in my opinion, is to track the amount of calories you eat everyday, that way you can still have your pasta and piece of chocolate guilt-free. 

I started seeing amazing progress in my physique after I started working with a nutritionist, I had no idea I was actually under-eating which caused my body to hold on to more fat. So once I started eating more every day my body fat percentage just started dropping.

What it comes down to is making sure you burn equal/ or more energy than you consume, which is also why I love working out because it allows me to eat more food every day haha!

(wearing the FOXY Fantasy bikini)

Haha I hear you, I love food too.
How does your favorite beach day look like? What beach essentials do you bring with you?

All it takes for a perfect beach day is just good company, or a book if everyone is busy. Then I always bring water and SPF. That’s it! 


( wearing the FIERCE bikini )

Beautiful to hear, it’s all about the simple things in life.
In which other cities could you live as well? What are the requirements for your dream place?
I’m hoping to move to Tulum for a while soon, then I’m also trying to make sure I get to live somewhere in Australia within the next couple of years. I’m very drawn to warm climates, and especially blue water and palm trees. That’s definitely where I feel the happiest and most relaxed.

Tell me about it, I think you’ll looove Australia and Tulum is still on my bucket list as well.

Last, but not least, ready for our Question Roulette?


Beach or Pool?   Beach

Which design of La Michaux is your favorite?  The FOXY bikini is so flattering, I always get a ton of compliments whenever I wear it

Spraytan or natural tan? Both

Favorite quote?  ‘’You will never be criticized by people doing more than you. You will only be criticized by someone doing less’’

Night in or a night out?  Right now I can’t wait for the next night out

Vodka or Tequila?  Tequila

Favorite podcast?  On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Love that quote, it’s an amazing reminder for all of us! Thanks again Emelie for doing this. I can’t wait to follow and see your plans fall into place while wearing La Michaux.

Much love,

Sarah MIchaux


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