5 Minutes with Neus Bermejo | La Michaux #11

Interview Neus Bermejo  - La Michaux swimwear

 5 Minutes with Neus Bermejo | La Michaux #11

Meet Neus Bermejo, a supermodel with a beautiful spirit from Barcelona.
Recently during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, she has won the prize of the best model for L’Oréal Paris. Besides that, she has been on the cover of multiple high-level magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Glamour, and many more.

Walking within fashion weeks across the globe and posing for the biggest campaigns, Neus likes to wear La Michaux on holiday.

We can’t wait to get to know the person behind this awesome supermodel image.

Let’s talk about Neus modeling experiences, hobbies, passions, and tips for young girls pursuing a modeling career.

Tune in with “ 5 Minutes with La Michaux”.


Hi Neus,

We’re happy for sending you these questions. Please tell us… Who’s Neus Bermejo?

Hiiii!!!! The pleasure is mine!!!! Who reads this probably won’t know, but Sarah sent me these questions a long time ago and it took me long enough to reply.. aaand that tells a lot about me.
I’m really giving and I like everyone around me to feel loved and happy, I like to participate in things and to do as much as I can to be with an active mind and soul, BUT, I have a part of me who’s really bad organized and sometimes lazy!! I’m always up to do things but sometimes I end up not doing them because of bad organization. 

My job has something to do with this. I never know where I’ll be tomorrow. I’m a model, I’ve been modeling since 2011. I was 15 when I started and I’m 24 now. (25 on December 2nd -sag!!!!). I was born in 1995 in Barcelona and I currently live there. I’ve lived in London, Paris, and mostly New York during my modeling career. Before COVID-19 happened I spent most of my time in New York. Now, I’m between Barcelona and Madrid mostly and for now... we’ll see how everything goes!! 

I have two sisters, one older (Carla, 27) and one younger (Cristina, 19). Then there’s my mum who I adore and my boyfriend Marlon who I live with. My dad passed away in 2011. 


Your answer made me laugh out loud.. well things worth ‘ having ‘, are worth the wait :) ! So sorry to hear about your dad though.
How did you start your modeling career? How were you discovered?

I was a basketball player and I played with the Spanish team for many years before quitting basketball for modeling. I was scouted on a train on the way to the basketball training by a stylist who wanted me for a photo shooting she was organizing. I was underaged so I gave her my parents' telephone number and in a few days, I did that photo shoot.

The team was so nice and they made me feel so comfortable as I never did that before and was probably the worst model ever lol couldn’t pose at all. The stylist send the pictures to a few modeling agencies and got sing with my agency not long after that. It’s been a ride since then!!!!

You were a basketball player, how cool is that. You seem like a very confident and strong person in your pictures. Have you always been like that? When do you feel the most confident or feminine in your life?

Thank you!!!! I’m actually not that confident, I have my moments. I’m the most confident I have ever been but still not at the place where we all have to be. I work every day on my thoughts and my feelings to get to the point I want to be. I feel like in the society we live in, it’s not well seen to be confident and to love yourself (things are changing for the better now) but, society taught us to dislike confident people. And I think that’s so wrong and that we all have to support confident people and encourage the ones who aren’t confident enough yet. 

I’m lucky, right now I’m at the point where I’m confident with my body, I like it. I get so many messages from girls on my Instagram asking me if I have trouble being confident with my height because they do. Or being so skinny because they do. Or girls who aren’t that tall or skinny asking me how I did it to be on this shape because they’re not happy with their body. I always say the same... I hate saying nobody’s perfect because what’s perfect? Who chooses perfection? I’d like to say everyone is. In their own way.  I sincerely think it’s way more important to work on your mind and soul than on the shape of your booty. 

I hate saying nobody’s perfect because what’s perfect? Who chooses perfection? I’d like to say everyone is. In their own way. I sincerely think it’s way more important to work on your mind and soul than on the shape of your booty.  - Neus


You should be proud and confident about yourself. You've accomplished already so much at such a young age and are so humble about it; I love that about you.
What kind of tips & tricks can you give to young girls pursuing a modeling career?

 Do not compare yourself!!!! Not your body, not your face, not your career. I did compare my body, my face, my career... big mistake! You’ll always lose, you’ll always find greener the grass on the other side. Focus on you, and do your best. Find trustworthy people to work with, and have patience because it’s a long ride.

Absolutely best advice, learn to know who you are first & surround yourself with like-minded supportive people that you can trust.
How do you like to spend your free time? What makes you happy? What are you truly passionate about?

 Being with my loved ones makes me happy. My family, my friends. Easy things, having a coffee on a terrace, or a glass of wine. Talking, I love to talk haha. I like to be in an environment where I’m comfortable and I can’t be myself. It’s the best feeling. I like to take long walks through the city, on the beach or in the mountains. I read, I watch tv a lot, I love going to the cinema. Idk, I honestly travel so much that what I most appreciate is spending time with my people. 

Empowered women, empower women! Which other women inspire you daily and why?

Well, you know her very well. Marianne Fonseca. She’s a goddess. Not only because she’s super hot and beautiful, but because of her soul! She really inspires me and when I’m with her I have this wish to someday be this strong woman she is.

I have to also say my mum who’s a super-strong woman as well and who carried on with three children and two jobs by herself. I look up to her so much.

And other women who I don’t know but who inspire me are Angelina Jolie, Virginia Woolf, Serena Williams, Princess Diana, Gwendolyn Brooks, Gisele Bündchen, Jane Fonda, Malala Yousafzai, Irina Shayk..... so many!! 

I have to also say my mum who’s a super-strong woman as well and who carried on with three children and two jobs by herself. I look up to her so much. - Neus

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( Wearing the FOXY FANTASY bikini )

Marianne is awesome, she’s truly such a sweet person and supporter of our brand. Big shout out to you, Marianne <3 ! Beautifully said about your mum as well. The life of a working mum is definitely not to underestimate, I have so much respect for what they do, day in and day out.

Modeling & traveling by yourself is gaining a lot of life experiences. What life advice would you give to your younger self at this moment?

To live more present. I always worried too much. I would tell my younger self to live every moment, to enjoy, to be happy. I lived so many amazing experiences and I have this feeling that I would’ve had to enjoy them more. But life goes on!!

I would tell my younger self to live every moment, to enjoy, to be happy. - Neus

How does your favorite summer holiday look like? What are your beach essentials? Favorite activities?

My boyfriend has a place in a beach town 2 hours away by car from Barcelona. I spend my summer there. My family comes and goes when they can to spend some days with us. It’s such a beautiful town. He works during the summer so I spend most of my time reading at the beach or listening to music or meditation podcasts lol. 

I love the sea. I spend so much time at the sea in summer, we have a little boat and I love taking it and to have lunch at a lost beach or to take a “siesta” there. I do water ski and wake surf as well and I enjoy it so much.

Tell me about it, I can’t live anymore without my siestas
:) . Which holiday experience will you never forget? What was so special about it? ( who were you with, holiday destination,…?)

I’d say our trip to Menorca. It’s always hard to get the whole family together so that trip was so special because it was all of us. 

Last, but not least, ready for our Question Roulette?


Beach or Pool?  Beach!!!!

Which design of La Michaux is your favorite?  
Foxy fantasy top and bottom 😝

Spraytan or natural tan? Natural

Favorite quote? “Aporta o aparta” which in Spanish means something like “contribute or set aside”

Night in or a night out?  Mostly in but love a night out!!

Heels or sneakers? Sneakers

Favorite book? Caminar by Henry David Thoreau

Last message from you to our La Michaux community?
Wash hands, keep distance, and wear your mask!!!!!! Keep safe xxxxx


Thank you so much Neus, I’m sure the future and your career hold so much more exciting things in store for you. Can’t wait to continue following your journey.

Sarah Michaux


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