La Michaux’s purpose has always been clear: to be a company that’s kind to all people,  the world and especially to YOU.

This ethos is at the forefront of every decision we make, infiltrating our entire organisation so that the quality of our creations live up to our moral and ethical values and can be shared into our La Michaux community.

We are at La Michaux committed to replace all non-recyclable elements from our online packaging before mid 2021.

  • Reducing our carbon footprint and minimum waste
  • Internal recycling program:  Our fabric off cuts are collected and provided to other local businesses to be repurposed, such as to make napkins for a sustainable catering business.
  • By 2021 we will have eradicated single use plastic from shoot locations, and we will continue to minimise our impact on the environment through internal initiatives such as keep cups and the purchase of sustainable office supplies and non-toxic cleaning supplies. We will continue to embrace new ways of creating, using and reclaiming our resources.
  • La Michaux works with reputable manufacturers who are known for their quality practice and ethical standards. We co-create our collections with makers that we’ve known for years, and partner with global suppliers who share our ethical principles. La Michaux believes in a balanced lifestyle and have made this philosophy a priority for every single employee.


la Michaux ethics