Coleção GRL PWR - Descubra seu poder
Para as meninas que vivem sem medo e abraçam sua autenticidade. Inspire-se na nossa campanha subaquática, onde a moda encontra o desporto e a beleza.

" Descubra o seu poder " - qual é o seu próximo passo para alcançar seus sonhos?

Temos o prazer de anunciar a mais recente coleção de La Michaux “GIRL POWER”, que é uma colaboração entre a melhor jogadora de futebol belga Tessa Wullaert.
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 We're very happy to announce the start of our collaboration with Armada Music, one of the biggest and most succesful record labels worldwide!

We've teamed up with them and customized their own La Michaux  x Armada Music swimming shorts.

Armada is even giving away five of them, because we're all hoping for better times to safely celebrate summer again with our friends and families.

Check out how you can participate:

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3 YEARS ANNIVERSARY – Tribute to my father

Today is a moment of clarity that the most valuable asset in life is time, time spent with your loved ones, something we can’t ever get back and that money can’t buy.

To the La Michaux community, thank you for your support.
Especially with the current world pandemic, live with no regrets and send love to your friends and family TODAY
Time is a gift, spend it wisely.

Future is looking BRIGHT !!!

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